Li-Ion (Lithium-Ion) batteries are making a splash on the Airsoft scene as a mid-range between Ni-Mh and LiPo batteries, offering higher power density than Ni-Mh batteries , while still being small enough to fit into standard stocks and handguards. Additionally, the wiring used on the battery is thinner than previous NUPROL batteries, with a stronger jacket that allows the cables to be bundled safely without damage.

The battery has an internal voltage protector that prevents the battery from dropping below a safe voltage, meaning that once the battery cells drop below a certain voltage, the battery no longer provides energy to protect cells. This means you cannot damage battery life by firing your Airsoft gun when the voltage is low, and prevents you from killing your battery by leaving it in your gun for extended periods of time.

Due to battery chemistry, Li-Ion batteries are less sensitive to battery memory. The usual recommendation for batteries is to discharge them completely before recharging, but with Li-Ion batteries you can recharge them from any level without problem, making them easier to use.

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