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6.20mm Delta Strike Barrel MP5 229mm


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The Prometheus 6.20mm Delta Strike Widebore inner barrel provides great stability to BBs with its 3-point retention insert and extended hopup window. The 3-point retention insert centers the BB to the middle of the bore, while the extended hopup window provides even great backspin, effectively increasing range. The 6.20mm wide inner bore allows for air to cushion underneath the BB as it rides along the top, in effect preventing the BB from hitting the sides of the inner barrel and providing a much more consistent trajectory than standard barrels. The range and accuracy are greatly increased due to the air cushion. The barrel is made from high quality, heavyweight brass that has been finely polished and crowned for consistent performance. Internally the barrel has been coated with what Prometheus calls their “BC Bright Coating” which provides and even smoother internal polish.

– 3-point BB retention improves stability
– Extended hopup window
– Made from high quality polished brass
– Internal “BC Bright Coating” minimizes friction
– Precision machined, finely polished bore and crown for excellent consistency
– High strength plastic retention insert
– 6.05mm insert diameter places BB in exact center of inner barrel
– Requires flat hop up bucking

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